Dance Watch is a website which is owned and managed by ABOUT Dance the business behind DanceDirectory.co.uk which was started originally as a way for a mother to help her in the continual funding requirements of her daughters’ advanced dance training.

As one of the ways for the ‘ABOUT Dance’ business to help promote and market the vast amount of dancing talent which currently exists globally – Dance Watch actively looks for a wide and varied selection of dance-related videos in order to share throughout the dance community and as a result help gain awareness, of not only the dance style but also of the dance artists concerned.

With both the awareness and interest in dance growing worldwide, we pay wittiness in this modern day and age that for even more and more people for them it’s about dance. Seeing growing numbers of individuals taking up dance in either a professional capacity, as a hobby, an interest or solely as a social pastime.

So when such individuals are asked about dance, one could be fairly safe in assuming that the answer for a majority would be they feel they have a duty to dance.

ABOUT Dance plans to further develop additional services in addition to its current Dance Directory offering. All future services will, of course, be aligned to helping the UK’s dance community