Move It Friday Dance Performance Main Stage.
Sunday | Move It 2018 Choreographed by David Leighton Performed by Bird College Artistic Director Luis De Abreu
Dance performance main stage at Move It 2017
Dance Performance Choreographed by Barbara Evans Da Vinci’s Dream
Move It 2017 – London Excel Centre Choreographer – Simeon Qysea Artistic Director – Luis De Abreu Film + Edited – CreativEye Film
Choreographers – Ben Davies & Cheryl Wimperis Costume – Marissa Hayward Music – ZHU – Faded (Remix by Ben Davies)
LCPA performs ‘What You Get’ at Move It 2016 Choreographed by James Robinson Filmed by Edwards Films
Chantry School of Contemporary & Balletic Arts and Chantry Dance Company on the main stage at Move It. Music Composed by Tim Mountain.
Choreography by Stuart Hayes @SLPCollege
Choreography by Joelle Le Boutillier @SLPCollege