A triple bill of exciting dance from one of the UK’s best-loved contemporary dance companies.
At the heart of the Labyrinth of Love 2012/13 Tour was Marguerite Donlon’s powerful and magical Labyrinth of Love, with designs by one of Britain’s leading visual artists, Mat Collishaw, and set and costume designer Conor Murphy. Glimpses of love’s ups and downs tangle and untangle in the magical and surreal world of a many-faceted labyrinth. Marguerite Donlon’s choreography captures not only the romantic moments of love but its humour and surprise. Dancers: Miguel Altunaga, Lucia Barbadillo, Eryck Brahmania, Otis-Cameron Carr, Antonette Dayrit, Julia Gillespie, Robin Gladwin, Dane Hurst, Estela Merlos, Mbulelo Ndabeni, Adam Park, Hannah Rudd, Jon Savage, Stephen [More]