Dancers of The Royal Ballet and members of the creative team reveal why Balanchine’s Jewels is a work loved by performers. Find out more at Among other things, Balanchine loved jewellery and was inspired to create this famous piece after a visit to the New York jewellers, Van Cleef and Arpels. He noted, however, that the ballet, which references different periods of ballet history in each act, had little to do with gemstones except for the costumes which are covered in them. Instead, Jewel is a pure celebration of music and dance. ‘Dancers love dancing it, audiences still love [More]
Contemporary duet choreographed and performed by Sam Baskett and Nicole Rigby! Sorry it’s been over 6months since the last video but hope you enjoy this short piece. It’s my first time collaborating with Nicole and she’s awesome! Feel free to give us feedback, thank you hope you enjoy!