Lost in Motion II

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Lost in Motion II explores the spectrum of emotions experienced by an Artist as they bare their soul for all to see. The film showcases the Artist’s state of mind by depicting her within an ominous yet atmospheric environment where she dances in solitude. Adorned in a vibrant red dress that reflects the iconic stage curtains of the theatre, she pushes herself to the limits of her seemingly solitude performance. As the film draws to a close, we see that the dancer has in fact been performing on stage the entire time, and that the visual world is a fantasy one created by her imagination.

Director: Ben Shirinian
Choreographer: Guillaume Côté
Dancer: Heather Ogden
Original Story by: Ben Shirinian and Guillaume Côté
DOP: Jeremy Benning, csc
Editor: Jon Devries
VFX: Crush
Producers: Nick Sorbara, Leslie Aimée Gottlieb
Production Company: Krystal Levy Pictures
Funders: bravoFACT, KLP, AnyMotion

Performed by Leonard Cohen