Contemporary Dance Group by Travis Wall – Gravity

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Close Here is the spectacular Contemporary Dance Group that Sloane had the privilege to be in at Art & Soul Dance Company (one of the best studios in Toronto), last competitive season. Even more of a privilege was the opportunity to work with the very talented Travis Wall, the choreographer of this magnificent piece. Each dancer had to audition and then Travis picked who could be in the dance.

Travis Wall came 2nd on the second season of So You Think You Can Dance and has since become an Emmy Award nominated choreographer. He has been on a reality show called All the Right Moves and did work on Justin Bieber’s Believe tour. His mom, Denise Wall owns a dance studio in Virginia Beach, VA called Denise Wall’s Dance Energy. You can see Travis’ work each season on So You Think You Can Dance.

This dance is inspired by the movie Gravity, and although in the film it’s Sandra Bullock floating in space, in this dance, it’s Daniel, the only boy in the group. The black costumes on the girls represent space of course and Daniel is floating through it. This is the final time Sloane’s senior group performed this number. They were in Las Vegas at the League of Champions Dance Off. Some say they were robbed as it was by far one of the very best dances of the evening, yet it didn’t place. Gravity did however, at Fever Competition in Hamilton, beat Tears, a dance from Elite Danceworx, another great studio that is seldom beat.

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