Boadicea Crew – Deviation Lumineuse: Breakin’ Convention 2014, Sadler’s Wells, London

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Boadicea Crew (UK) perform at Breakin’ Convention 2014 at Sadler’s Wells in London. Choreographer: Rhimes Lecointe Performers: Jennifer Bailey, Kendra J Horsburgh, Rhimes Lecointe, Freya Jane Sands, Nicole Wooder Deviation Lumineuse is an artistry displaying the beauty, curve and strength of the female body, each curve manipulating and interrupting the flow of light, creating shadows and exaggerating the natural fluidity of feminine nature. Boadicea Crew consists of five members: Kendra, Freya, Nicole, Jen and Icon Female of the Year within the dance industry, Rhimes. The ladies have a unique feminine flow to a rough and sometimes gritty hip hop culture. Although once a crew of 12, rebranding has aligned them into a league of their own. Known for their epic performances on Got to Dance, the ladies continue to bring a grown woman kick to the industry and continue to create an art that only they can.