MOST BEAUTIFUL Contemporary Dance Video

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Jade Chong and Kirsten McInnis are 2 beautiful and talented young women with a deep passion for dance. When I discovered them at a Vancouver dance festival I knew right away they would be the perfect match for my vision to create an inspiring video. A video that would showcase true passion in forms of movement.

This video is a collaboration between videographer Audrey Bow and Lifetime Captures Photography. While we planned the video shoot, chose the music and planned the interviews video production was done by talented Audrey Bow (check our her portfolio at Another credit is given to artistic director and choreographer Ashley Sweett for this awesome choreography! Check out her website at

Film locations: Iona Beach Richmond and Olympic Oval Richmond BC.

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Lifetime Captures Photography has been specializing in wedding and portrait photography and is also extending their expertise in dance photography and dance videography in Vancouver, BC and beyond!
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