Booking Nonstop Merchandise Another video to one of my fav songs by Mark Rosas – link-… follow me on twitter –
김은수(Eun S. Kim) Ballet Music Collection Vol.3 Track 18. Battement Tendus 4/4 beats 1′ 24″
One of my days as a Bolshoi Ballet Academy teacher. Just one day. Two classes. First one – graduation. Second- one year before graduation.
Subscribe to us at for more dance videos. Like our page at and follow us on Twitter @dancetothis Moving contemporary dance piece by Performers College students on the main stage, ‘Elegies for Dunkirk’, choreographed by Paul Roberts.
I’m a ballet teacher in Bolshoi ballet academy Moscow. Today was simple lesson, but some of my kids were sick and did not take class. Instead – he played with video camera. The result you can see here…  Music: just the first thing I see on my comp.
Beautiful performance by some of the dancers representing London at the World Irish Dance Championships in April 2014.
So I got bored and made up another dance and I just loved this song♥I could really just feel the song and its what I’m kind of feeling right now…. sorry there is a weird part that skips I couldn’t figure out how to fix it haha and sorry its kind of blury
Tring Park School for the Performing Arts – AES Tring Park School Trust is a Registered Charity no. 1040330.
Alyssa Trask dancing with the kids from Dance Moms after assisting in Ade Obayomi’s class at WILD. WERK girls!