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김은수(Eun S. Kim) Ballet Music Collection Vol.3 Track 18. Battement Tendus 4/4 beats 1′ 24″
Eva Evdokimova was picked to be the first recipient of a new award, the Galina Ulanova Prize. This was presented to her on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre in 2005 by Vladimir Vasiliev, who declared that she had been chosen for this honour for “selfless dedication to the art of the dance”. No more suitable recipient of this award could be imagined. This magical dancer dies at just 60…
Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures dance company returns to Sadler’s Wells this Christmas with Edward Scissorhands. BOOK TICKETS NOW:…
One of my days as a Bolshoi Ballet Academy teacher. Just one day. Two classes. First one – graduation. Second- one year before graduation.
I’m a ballet teacher in Bolshoi ballet academy Moscow. Today was simple lesson, but some of my kids were sick and did not take class. Instead – he played with video camera. The result you can see here…  Music: just the first thing I see on my comp.
Tring Park School for the Performing Arts – AES Tring Park School Trust is a Registered Charity no. 1040330.
So I got bored and made up another dance and I just loved this song♥I could really just feel the song and its what I’m kind of feeling right now…. sorry there is a weird part that skips I couldn’t figure out how to fix it haha and sorry its kind of blury
Alyssa Trask dancing with the kids from Dance Moms after assisting in Ade Obayomi’s class at WILD. WERK girls!